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Utisci sa Nišvilla 2012

Niška tvrdjava NISVILLE 2012

Utisci sa Nišvilla 2012

I ove kao i prošlih godine, dobili smo puno mailova od učesnika Nišvilla 2012 sa utiscimi o festivalu i boravku u Nišu. Evo nekih od utisaka:

Nišville 2012



We have a very good impression about Nis and specially your festival.We have been played in many big festivals but for the firts time in a not to big city but an amazing festival.

Alexandre Cunha

Thanks so much for a nice festival! We had a splendid time! I sincerely would like to come back very soon.

Anders Bergcrantz

It was a great moment for us, the Brussels Jazz Orchestra, having the opportunity to perform on your stage. We felt that the audience had great interest in the band and our program with David and Maria. The organization of the festival gave us a great welcome and treated us with warmth and respect.Your hospitality was impeccable. The positive and welcoming atmosphere of the festival organization gives the performing artists an artistic boost and thus radiates this feeling to the public.

Thank you very much!

My kind regards,

Vriendelijke groeten,

Sincerely yours,

Frank Vaganée

artistic leader of BJO

I remember a tremendously warm-hearted crew, a beautiful programmation, a wonderful night with people who wanted us to feel good!

We've all had a tremendous evening and night and I hope you and the audience did as well!

I'm sure we will be back one of these!

Gwalla Puno!!!!

All the best,

David Linx

We had a good time in Nis.

You gave us a great hotel, and, as important, a very comfortable auto car for the long trip Belgrade – Nis – Belgrade. Since we had to travel long (flights with transfers + shuttle Belgrade – Nis) this was very good. It is a good idea to work with hosts on site. They were dedicated.Maybe it would have been easier if a host would have joined us on the trip Belgrade – Nis since the bus driver only spoke Serbian. Then we could have explained him that we only needed a quick sandwich instead of stopping on Friday in a restaurant which costed plenty of time.

We had a very fast and good communication in the preparations – that works easy and gives a lot of confidence. As I told you at the festival: I couldn’t believe the terms of payments. They were great! That’s pure luxury! J and makes the finance of the flights easy.

Keep up the good work.

All my best,

Koen Maes (BJO Manager)

This marks my second time at the Nis Jazz Festival, this year with one of the projects I co-lead, Opus 5.  The incredible hospitality (including the great foods of Serbia which we love), responsive crowd and amazing weather made this year even more memorable.  The variety of musicians and musical styles, to me, makes this festival unique, and I especially appreciate how the festival organizers pays special attention to highlight traditional folk of Serbian and Balkan music, amongst which jazz finds a distinctive and special position.  I'm always happy to be a part of this festival.

Alex Sipiagin (Opus 5)

Great festival with a node to every part of demographique.
Wonderful people both in the audience and running it.

Boris Kozlov (Opus 5)

"The hotel was nice and they were reasonably organized."

Seamus Blake (Opus 5)

The festival in serbia was wonderful . the audience was very sophisticated and warm and the organizers and crew were very kind and helpful .everyone made us feel right at home. i hope to go back soon."

Dave Kikoski (Opus 5)

"After performing at this festival in 2009 with the Mingus Dynasty, I thought to myself that I would make it my business to go back to this festival with another group.
When the group "Opus 5" was formed, one of my first targets as far festivals would be the Nisville Jazz Festival.The Festival was very accommodating as far as food and hotels and the volunteers that were assigned to our group were very helpful and patient.
The audience was really great and many people came to me personally to express their feelings about the our performance.

Donald Edwards (Opus 5)

I and the entire Osibisa team thank you and your staff for taking great care and making our stay in Serbia an enjoyable one. All the 4 shows were fantastic and especially Nisville and Rock Village were special with wonderful crowd participation. Our tour rep's were lovely and very helpful, And the coach driver was friendly and very funny, we miss him too. Once again thanks for presenting to Osibisa, The Nisville International Grand Prix.

All the very best for next year. 
Teddy Osei (Osibisa)

I wanted to thank you and all your team for inviting Osibisa to this year’s Nis Jazz Festival and for showing them such a wonderful time in Serbia. They had a ball and Teddy said that he and his band have never been treated better!

Thanks again and hope to work with you next year again.

Kind regards,

Ina Dittke (Osibisa`s management)

Hi to Nisville International Jazz festival,
I had a fantastic time participating in the festival, this last August,
Amir Gwirtzman

We were all happy about the experience in Nis. All of you were very available and professional to us (and really there's absolutely nothing to complain).

Riccardo Brazzale (Lydian Sound Orchestra)

Keep up the good work

Za organizovanje jazz festivala koji nije komercijalan, kao sto i Beogradski nije, potrebna je ogromna kolicina energije mudrosti i entuzijazma.

Ucinite sve sto je u moci svih vas koji u tome ucestvujute u prevladavnju shvatanja da je fizionomija festivala od izuzetne vaznosti

Primedbi ce uvek biti, i to ne treba da obeshrabri.

Tim pre, sto se u sve uplicu cesto samozvani tzv.  "poznavaoci" ove muzike.

Dzez je muzika stalnog previranja novih izvodjaca, autora...

Ima dosta primera u istoriji ove muzike da su neka previranja bili lazni alarmi.

Vremenska distanca kao jedini pravi selektor uvek stvari dovodi na svoje mesto.

Mogu samo da ponovim:

Keep up the good work.


Micha Markovic